Team Profiles

Team Captain/Rider – Paul Hebden
Nickname – El Capitain
Height – 6ft 1”
Weight – 14.5 Stone
Age – 40
Bio: Paul is the Organiser of the trip and had originally planned to Cycle from Lands’ End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) before realising that there were a lot nicer and warmer places to cycle than through the Midlands and Scotland. Over the Years, he has organised Events that have raised over £50k for St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley and wanted to complete a Big Challenge to celebrate becoming Middle Aged in April, and to further support the Hospice that has supported many of his Family and Friends over the Years. He has had to train hard for this challenge as is the oldest rider taking part, but he is looking forward to the trip and the Teamwork required to finish. His favourite part of all of the training has been the ability to indulge in numerous post-training pints of Guinness.

Head Mechanic/Rider – George Hebden
Nickname – Gorgeous George
Height – 6ft
Weight – 12 Stone
Age – 26
Bio: The most experienced member of the team from a cycling point of view, George has vast experience of Road Cycling/Mountainbiking/Triathlons and is one of the Senior Riders of the Trip. His competitive nature will help him and others to achieve the goal of completing the ride, and in training he has made everything look so easy, which shows you should never judge a book by his cover as his legs look like a couple of Pepperami’s. George has often been distracted from training by the bright lights of Horsham and his love for “Party” but will be an important part of the Team, and his outstanding Mechanical expertise will help to support the Team and to make sure that the Team are in the right place maintenance wise. If he can stay away from temptation, he will most likely be the Favourite for the Coveted “Yellow Jersey”

Route Planning Exec/Rider – Lewis Reeves
Nickname – Rapha W*nker
Height – 5ft 10
Weight – 11 Stone
Age – 26
Bio: Lewis is probably the most excited member of the Team about the Challenge and has put in a lot of work into organising the route in Tristan’s in Horsham over numerous flat whites and portions of Eggs Benedict, and has kindly upped his personal advantage points by booking all the Team’s hotels for the 12 nights. His levels of motivation will be a key asset to the team on those days when it is a struggle, and his infectious enthusiasm will help drive people onto success. He has trained hard and has helped to support others through the long hard winter months so is a great asset to the team. His Love for the Posh cycling brand Rapha has helped him earn his nickname, and if you have ever heard him talk he is hoping this trip will generate him the required Social Media Coverage to earn him a place on “Made in Chelsea”! N

Nutrition Management/Rider – Nick O’Carroll
Nickname – Crouchie
Height – 5ft 10”
Weight – 11 Stone
Age – 32
Bio: Nick originally qualified as a Sports Therapist before he realised that rubbing mens legs with massage oil was not really for him, but let’s hope he is supportive of his team mates in their hour of need along the way through France. He is also the most qualified for the Trip after Cycling from New York to San Francisco to Raise funds for the Charity “Help The Heroes”, so he has experience in abundance which he will be happy to share with the rest of the Team. Nick loves to talk, and is an infectious character who loves a laugh with the lads, so will help keep the Team motivated (and Awake!!!) I am sure that every opportunity he will be living up to his nickname and doing a few robot Dances.M

Mechanic/Rider – Matt Sprigge
Nickname – Sprinkler Sprigge
Height – 6ft
Weight – 12 Stone
Age – 26
Bio: If you have ever met Matt Sprigge you will know that he is always keen to commit to something, whether he actually goes through with his commitment is another story. A great personality within the Team and a naturally fit lad, Matt will be no doubt working alongside Dean in vying for the Laughter of his Team Mates. Due to his fair Skin and Ginger Hair there is some obvious concerns from the camp around him getting Sunburn so we will have Factor 50 in abundance for him, and similar to the dubious pipework on his Plumbing Installs we will squirt it all over him to keep him safe. Matt has helped to secure some large-scale Sponsorship form his GF’s family so we are really hoping that he does them proud, which I am sure he will.

Team Morale Manager/Rider – Dean Robinson
Nickname – Wobbo
Height – 6ft
Weight – 22 Stone
Age – 32
Bio: The Joker of the Pack, Dean will certainly keep the Team entertained with his constant Jokes and stories. His training has not been quite as committed as the rest of the Team and I think he has only completed one Spin Class over the Winter, but as a collective we have decided that worst case scenario he can complete the challenge on a Moped, so he is at least there to provide moral support. He is a Fulham fan so is suffering the obvious disappointment of them being relegated from the Premier League, and has often been seen drowning his sorrows in local drinking establishments. Dean should be utilising this opportunity as a great way to get himself in tip top shape for the summer when he will embark on his annual pilgrimage and spend the Summer at Horsham Trinity Cricket club in both a playing and Groundsman Capacity.

Team Director – Steve O’Carroll
Nickname – The Gaffer
Height – 5ft 2”
Weight – TBC
Age – Mental age 21
Bio: An absolute Gentleman and has more contacts in life than the Yellow Pages! If you have ever met somebody that does not know Steve then you need to question who they even are? His ridiculous attention to detail and meticulous planning skills (If you can actually get hold of him due to constantly being on holiday in Abu Dhabi or Skiing) will be a key asset to the Team in helping them achieve their end goal. His Personnel/Management skills and individual approach to each individual Team Member and understanding them will help him to get the Team the success they want. No doubt he will be spending some time in France looking for a good deal on a property and will definitely have his notebook at the ready, so let’s hope St Catherine’s Hospice are not the only ones to gain from this trip.

Head of Team Support – Chris Macauley
Nickname – Steady Eddie
Bio: Chris unfortunately suffered a personal first-hand experience of St Catherine’s Hospice recently and wanted to offer his kind support to the Team by taking on the role of Head of Team Support. Chris will take responsibility of the day-to-day running of the Team’s Support Van, making sure the Riders receive the support/nutrition/supplies required to complete this endurance challenge and to transport all Kit and Bike maintenance hardware. He will also have to drive the Team Director around when he has over indulged in some of the local Vineyards. Every role is important on this trip, none more so than rider Support Vehicle, so Chris is proud to step up to Support the Riders.