The Charity

St Catherine’s Hospice is a local charity for people living in Sussex and Surrey, offering both physical and emotional support to those living with terminal illness and their families. It’s pretty close to home, having supported many of the families of the those taking part. It costs STCH £10million a year to operate and they only receive a third of that through Government funding, therefore rely on fundraising to reach their annual goal.

With some outstanding Values we are so proud to support such a great cause:

Our Vision – A world where everyone can face death informed, supported and pain free.

Our Mission – Pioneering standards in expert support and care, for anyone facing death and bereavement.

Our Values – Our values define who we are and how we act. We are:

Human – We treat people with understanding, patience, respect and above all dignity. We are the welcoming smile, the talk over a cup of tea, the human touch.

Courageous – We stand firm, we do not flinch in the face of hard news, but always with humanity, sensitivity and respect for our community.

Energetic – Whether we are out running a fun run or at the hospice greeting our patients, we bring the energy and the optimism to make the most of every day.

Connected – We are not an island, we thrive on partnerships and working with others, we believe we are better and stronger together.

Expert – We are looked up to by our community and our peers as the organization to go to for knowledge, training, best practice and latest techniques.

Running Total: £12,673.00 (Updated June 13th)