Day 11 – Horsham to Nice – Completed it mate, FANTASTIC !

What better feeling could there be than waking up in San Raphael knowing that we had completed 950miles, and had broken the back of our epic challenge, and had a 50mile ride to complete along a stunning coastal road, through Cannes/Antibes and onto our final endpoint, The Miami Beach club in Nice on the Promenade Des Anglais. The day went to plan and the team stopped to take in the stunning Cannes scenery and to enjoy a sandwich and drink on the beach before heading the final 20miles onto Nice, where the celebrations could officially begin. Once we had stopped to take some photos and to take in what we had achieved the whole team enjoyed some well deserved Cold Beers over the course of the afternoon before heading out for a celebratory meal.

The Days Highs and Lows are as follows:

Highs: The stunning seaside views/a relatively flat day of riding/reaching Nice and celebrating our huge achievement/The Pride of the whole Team

Lows: Tramps don’t like energy gels/It sinking in that we had finished  

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