Day 10 – Exiting the Alps and rolling into to the French Riviera

Today was the last bit of serious climbing as part of leaving the Alps, and some long last climbs in the scorching Southern French Sun, leading to some epic final downhills before moving into the gorgeous French Countryside we all associate with the Seaside Towns we are used to seeing on holiday. The day comprised of 88miles, with some short sharp climbs of 500ft early on that looked flat on the map, which the team were not even expecting. This was the last long day for the team, before they embark on the final 45miles from Saint Raphael to Nice on Tuesday morning which will be an epic end to an unbelievable 11 days with some great experiences and amazing memories made. The days highs and lows are as follows: Highs: The last day of serious climbing/Tagliatelle el Pavement/Rose/The swimming pool Lows: Traffic ruining the descents/35 degree heat/Motorway closures for support van/deceptive altitude maps leading to a difficult finish to the day/

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