Day 9 – The only way is up,Baby…..!

Day 2 in the Alps, another 6800ft of climbing with some absolutely stunning views and another day of scorching sunshine. Best breakfast of the trip was enjoyed by the team with some slight varations on offer other than the usual French Bread/Croissants and pastries and a fresh start to the day weather wise. The first 18miles was relatively flat with some stunning ground level views of Lake Serra-Poncon, which later turned into mountain views of the same lake following some serious hill climbing. A lunch stop at an Alps Cafe gave the Team an opportunity to enjoy a break and some sunshine before they carried on. The hardest climb of the trip was around the corner unknown to all, and some locals attending a beer festival clapped us as we started, little did we know that a 1200ft climb with some serious gradients layed ahead, otherwise we may well have joined them for some beers instead. The reward at the top was some unrivalled views that will give the team some memories that thy will never forget. The next 24miles into Digne-Les-Baines was a descent of high speeds/gorgeous views and a well earned rest which made all of the climbing seem worth while. The remainder of the afternoon was spent at an outdoor lake where the team cooled down in the ice cool water, and relaxed ahead of the super nutritious McDonalds evening Meal.

The Days highs and lows:

Highs: Stunning mountain views/24mile Descent/The relaxation at the lake/Robbo doing a bomb to the amusement of the locals

Lows: Torturous Climbs

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