Day 8 – Why does it always rain on me?

Another day, another start that involved starting in a Thunderstorm. The team were so wet and concerned about the weather they had to make an unplanned stop into The Golden Arches where a lovely breakfast accidentally fell into their stomachs, every cloud! Following a slow start out of Grenoble the team headed off towards the Alps, to come across the hardest and steepest start to a climb that caused some serious concern to the team, in the fact that they feared for how hard the day might be. After a fast hard start the climbs got a bit more forgiving, although long and consistent they were certainly made more bearable by the stunning scenery.Its amazing how you feel when going through the emotions of climbing in the mountains, as was proved today by one of the riders who shall remain anonymous due to the fact that he is George’s elder cousin, the strain it puts you under can sometimes make you abuse French locals for no real apparent reason.(I’m sorry monsieur I’m sure you are a lovely guy). The rest of the day was spent taking in the scenery in the 30 degree sunshine and smashing out the hills. A nice early finish in Gap followed by a burger and chips and an early night was was a great finish to a fantastic day in the Alps.

Today’s highs and lows are as follows:

Highs: Sprigge’s battle with the Grenoble Tramlines/unbelievable scenery and memories made by the team and photos taken/George breaking the Speed limit on a regular basis/George getting debagged in public/Fast downhills/Codeine/Nick having to have a sachet of Ketchup in the restaurant to prevent himself from fainting

Lows: Sprigge nearly saying goodbye off the side of the mountain/headwinds/George’s blowouts (Tyres and wind)/Nick giving himself a shiner with the camping stove

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