Day 6 – The Sun comes out

Finally for the first time on this trip we get to see some sunshine and everybody starts the day with a spring in their step. A tough day ahead with another 112miles to cycle, into more savage headwinds. The gaffer has appealed his ban for cycling without due care and attention which the appeal panel uphold and give him a lesser charge of causing an accident by obstruction. This means he is free to ride and joins the team for 30 miles. The heat and headwinds take their toll on the team but another bit of grit sees them complete the day and arrive into Cremieu after a brief view of the Alps towards the last part of the ride. The team have now ridden over 660 miles and the strain is starting to show as the team are starting to struggle with the aches and pains associated with such a challenge. Although day 7 is a short day of 59miles, there is the small matter of 2300ft of climbing to deal with so time to dig in now.

Daily highs and lows:

Highs: Some much needed sunshine/First view of the Alps/First proper coffee stops/nice scenery

Lows: Wind Wind Wind/Sunburn/wear and tear on riders

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