Day 5 – The Gaffer needs some L-Plates!!!!!

The day started in Chaumont with us reluctantly checking out of our lovely hotel in the rain, minus a Team Member, with a 107 mile ride ahead of us, even though it was only supposed to be 102miles. The Team were not ready for what layed ahead, as it was a day of cycling on gravel canal paths and into serious Headwinds for the first time, and as you can imagine it was a very long day. At our lunch stop at the 80 miles mark the gaffer decided that he would like to have a go at riding a road bike with SPD Pedals for the first time, so stepped onto the recently departed Lewis’ bike. With the Team giving him some pointers and the reminder to unclip his feet everyone looked on like proud parents as he wobbled off into the distance to complete the last 22miles with the remaining riders. Upon arrival at 102miles and the planned GPS location things started to go a bit wrong. 2 Crashes later and causing another crash to a Team Member the Gaffer decided that maybe these road bikes were not for him, and the team decided that the offences deserved a straight red and a one match ban, and road awareness course and the use of L-Plates required for any further use of the said bike. Finally 5 more miles were completed and the team arrived at their hotel to enjoy 30mins in the hotel pool and a nice French meal at a local restaurant, before another early night.

The Days highs and lows were as follows:

Highs – Arriving at the hotel/The Hotel Pool (Albeit freezing)

Lows – Gravel Canal paths for approx 40 miles/Headwinds/The Gaffers crashes/Additional miles

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