Man down

It’s with an extremely heavy heart that I (Lewis) have decided I can’t continue. After 6 months of planning and preparation with only one real objective in mind for 2019, I’m absolutely gutted to be writing this from England. C.2,500 miles in training, several 100 mile plus rides, weeks and weeks spent planning the route and hotels, a new bike, equipment and more reading up on nutrition than you can imagine, I couldn’t have felt more ready. But life isn’t always fair, around the 100 mile mark on day 2 I felt my knee start to ache. Day 3 started in pain, requiring treatment inside the first 15 miles and Day 4 was one of the most agonising days of my life, as my eyes streamed through pain with my knee screaming at me on every pedal stroke, but also the impending disappointment knowing that this couldn’t continue. Unable to even bend my leg on the evening of Day 4, I knew deep down that anymore riding would start doing long term damage and despite by heart telling me stopping was not an option, sometimes we must listen to the head and advice of others. So with a suspected torn MCL (medial cruciate ligament) I have headed back to England to have it properly checked out and not be a burden on the team.

My disappointment to one side, I couldn’t be more impressed with what the team are achieving and how deep they are digging. This is a truly epic challenge testing both body and mind, the boys will need to continue to show the amazing levels of courage and resilience to make it to Nice and should be extremely proud of themselves when they make it. A massive shout out to Paul for making this happen and for looking so strong on the bike. From having barely ridden a bike 6 months ago and not being the youngest in the squad he is absolutely smashing it, remarkably impressive and i’d encourage you all to dig team to support his incredible effort, along with his band of merry men.

Best of luck boys, I have full faith that you’ll smash it and I can’t wait to see you all in Nice.

Down but not out…. the planning begins for the next adventure

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