Day 3 – Reims is not as Reem as you may think….

A tired start to the day this morning, with all of the boys feeling the affects of the 223miles from the two previous days, a serious struggle but as soon as the lactic acid cleared and the legs started working properly we got underway. Today was the longest day of the ride with the plan set to ride 124 miles with 4850ft of climbing. A solid start with 60 miles racked up by midday and stop 1 with a well enjoyed lunch of some of France’s finest delicacies. The second half of the day was considerably harder, 4 punctures and hours of torrential rain, helped everyone to understand the importance of Teamwork and that every single person on this trip has a very important job, the support team were busy making sure that the riders could crack on with their day and ran around making sure the “Wheels could keep turning”(Apologies for the pun!!!!) With regards to todays highs and lows lets just say the following:

Highs: 124 Miles Complete – 68 by lunchtime/The Gaffer putting some miles in/George not being hungover

Lows: Speeding Ticket for an un-named Van Driver/Torrential Rain/4 x Punctures/Driving through the Champagne Region and drinking no Champagne/814ft climb at 100 miles/The amount of Broken glass in Reim

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