Day 1 complete, 2 x punctures and a snapped chain….!

So upon waking at 5am and seeing the weather conditions, as you can imagine there was some nervousness about what we were about to embark on, we planned everything with great attention to detail, such as training, nutrition,routes, bike setups, and planned speeds but the only thing we couldn’t do anything about was Mother Nature. The good news is that after battling gusts of 25mph, driving rain and 100 miles, and a few mechanical issues the Team made it safely to Dover. Upon arrival and some serious delays to the ferries due to the Force Nine Gales the team jumped onto the Ferry and enjoyed a few post ride beers to celebrate the end of day 1. After a quick shower change the boys headed off to to sample some local French Cuisine, meals with plenty of grilled cheese and a couple more beers to wash it down. Day 1 complete and some tired heads happily disappearing to bed at 930pm ready for round 2 tomorrow……..lets see if a certain team member enjoys the French Hen do he stumbled upon.

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